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Grasshopper mouse attacks scorpion in slo-mo

Holy cow! The grasshopper mouse is like the mongoose of the Southwest!

Now, I may have only lived in Arizona for less than a year, but I know that I have to beware of scorpions and other beasties both outdoors — and in. Thankfully, these furry little critters can be found here, too.

The grasshopper mouse is found all across the Southwest. It is nocturnal and approximately smaller than a hamster. But the best part? It also eats scorpions, like the Arizona bark scorpion, thanks to its lightning-quick reflexes — and its ability to transform the deadly venom into a painkiller.

And what’s more? Thanks to these guys, Michigan State University is leading the research that could result in advances in treating pain in humans.

Evolution: 1, Scorpion: 0.