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Arnold in an apron quoting Arnold in ‘Predator’: ‘Get to the chopper’

Quoting yourself is, well, pretty lame. Unless of course your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger and you have a quiver of Austrian-accented one-liners to wield.

From Terminator to Total Recall, True Lies and Kindergarten Cop, Schwarzenegger has had just too many opportunities to zing in memorable quotes.

Jimmy Fallon, being Jimmy Fallon, wanted to exploit that, so he staged something awesome: Schwarzenegger acting as a faux co-salesman on a QVC infomercial selling small kitchen appliances. His co-host: Fallon himself.

Watch as Fallon stalls through information about a blender as Schwarzenegger grows antsy. Beside the former California governor is a chopper.

And thus, once his patience runs thin, Schwarzenegger pulls out an old Predator line: Get to the chopper!”

Behold the hilarity and reminisce in foregone Schwarzenegger silver screen glory: