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Grizzly bears do what they want, as evidenced by a GoPro

A friend of mine grew up on a ranch in Montana. One day, a grizzly bear hopped the ranch fence and began to maul a ranching goat. Hearing the incident, my friend’s father ran outside, shotgun in tow, and darted toward the 10-foot-tall beast.

The grizzly bear looked at the rancher as if to say, “What?” And the rancher fired a shot right into the bear’s chest from approximately 25 feet away.

This made the bear angry. He roared, shoved the goat and slowly walked away.

Sounds like a certain YouTube famous honey badger.

I digress.

Here, we have awesome footage of Alaskan grizzly bears fishing and running through frigid waters and chasing birds and being just as awesome as his trespassing friend in Montana, thanks to the incredible invention that is the GoPro.

I want to be invincible and 10 feet tall and, come June, Alaskan…