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Superman flies, fights crime with GoPro strapped to him

Sure, it’s neat to use a GoPro to capture a pelican’s first flight or a curious lion cub…but what about a superhero?

Two dudes from California — Sam and Niko, known as Corridor Digital — love shooting videos with visual effects. For their latest endeavor, they used a GoPro camera — and a nifty Phantom 2 drone! — to recreate what it might be like to be the Man of Steel.

The premise is this: A guy named Sam Gorski lost his GoPro, and Superman finds it. Along the way to returning it, he fights some bad guys, rescues a damsel in distress and takes the very scenic route.

But hold on until the very end, as there’s a very clever gag involving Sam.

Sam and Niko even posted a Making Of, which includes chance to win a Phantom 2 drone quadcopter, like the one used to make the video.