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Pi taken down a notch in trending YouTube video

Perhaps you missed it, but Friday, March 14, was National Pi Day.

No, it wasn’t a homage to the delicious, crust-laden desert — or even to the cheese-covered Italian entree, often topped with pepperoni or vegetables.

Nope, Friday was about a mathematical constant has to do with the shape of those two aforementioned food staples. In other words, the day honored a Greek letter and the approximate number it represents — 3.14.

Get it: 3.14 is celebrated on 3/14?

Anyhow, a YouTube user released a video — right on the day where it’s most relevant — where she bemoans how pi is not all it’s cracked up to be. The clip is steadily climbing its way to 1 million views.

Go back to high school math with Vi Hart as she explains how pi isn’t as infinite as teachers say it is. It’s not even greater than four, she reasons!

Being that it’s kind of a rant, the video drags on a little, but stick with her through the first couple of minutes and get a couple of laughs. Past that, feel free to challenge yourself as her math gets more and more complex.