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With customized vending machine, you can have your Oreo…and eat it, too

I will pretty much do anything for cookies.

Well…almost anything.

The Austin, Texas, South by Southwest festival, which every year seems to be mocking me for nonattendance, recently unveiled the Oreo Trending Vending Machine.

Using a 3D printer and yes, even Twitter, the vending machine works like this, according to ABC News:

To start, users browse a selection of “trending flavors” displayed on a large touchscreen panel on the front of the machine. Users choose from 12 flavors and colors of creme and then watch as their Oreo cookies are built.

The company — Mondelez International, Inc., — said the “3D printing technology assemble[s] the Oreo cookies in less than two minutes.”

If you excuse me, I’ll be at my local grocery store buying every flavor of Oreo and then smooshing them all together.