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Older brother loses bet, dances on busy Utah street corner

One guy in Utah learned the hard way that with great bets come great consequences.

According to the video, it was Older Brother versus Younger Brother in a one-on-one basketball game.

And Older Brother lost for the first time ever.

The result? “Loser had to dance on the corner of Bulldog and State Street in Provo, Utah, for a half hour to whatever music the other chose,” Andrew Wilcox, the “loser,” wrote on YouTube.

Wilcox began dancing begrudgingly, but pretty soon, he was rockin’ out to songs like “Gangnam Style” by Psy and “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. His not-half-bad dance moves appeared to have grown contagious, as by the end of the video, not just one, but three, people have joined in for a street corner dance party.