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Crazed cat attacks Portland family

This is why I’m a dog person.

I have many friends who have lovely-enough cats…I guess. And sure, dogs can bite you, but they’re also trainable. I, personally, have been clawed or bitten by cats way, way more often than dogs.

But I’ve thankfully never experienced what one Portland, Ore., family went through last Sunday night.

Lux, the family’s black and white Himalayan cat, suddenly became crazed and attacked the family, including the 7-month-old baby, FOX 12 Oregon reported.

Lux also weighs a whopping 22 pounds, so that’s a lot of flying fur.

The family barricaded themselves in the bedroom, because every time they opened the door, Lux would charge at them.

The cat was captured by the use of a dog snare, oddly enough.

Apparently, Lux has had a history of violence, but by Monday, he was back at home.