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Chevy’s new dog commercial is a real tearjerker

Bust out the Kleenex. This one is tough.

Any commercial with dogs is pretty adorable. Case in point, Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad that went viral within minutes of hitting the Internet because it featured a puppy and horse becoming friends. It had all the feels.

But Chevy went a different way in its latest ad. While the dog is still adorable, the content is far from happy. It’s the bittersweet story of a woman saying goodbye to her childhood pet.

It’s rough to watch but incredibly touching at the same time.

Chevy tries to link it to how you should have a car for your life’s journey, but no car is going to ever hold a candle to the joy a dog can bring. Rather than wanting a new truck, I just want to go home and snuggle with my pup.