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Wipeout: HUVr hoverboard is a hoax

If some technological advancement seemed far-fetched in 1985, chances are that thing seems far more attainable today.

It’s 2014, baby. We watch live television on telephones. We videochat with people in other hemispheres. We Google Glass and stuff.

In 1985, the personal computer had yet to really make its mark. How primitive.

But, come on, Michael J. Fox riding a hoverboard — a hoverboard?! — is still pretty darn far-fetched. But, to many over the last few days, Tony Hawk riding a hoverboard? That was a different story.

Well, sorry to sink your ship, but that whole hoverboard thing — supposedly pioneered by a mysterious technology startup called HUVr — was a hoax that was orchestrated by none other than Funny Or Die, at least according to a report.

There’s always next year.

For now, we’ll have to just go Back To The Future.