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Group recreates ‘Hook’ fight scene with original cast member

A group got together to do a homemade, low-budget recreation of a pivotal fight scene from the 1991 film “Hook,” publishing the video to YouTube on Tuesday.

While that statement in itself isn’t remarkable, CineFix was able to cast one of the film’s original actors in its two-minute homage.

Dante Basco was just 16 when the five-time Oscar-nominated film hit theaters. He played the high-profile character of Rufio, who falls to the sword of Capt. Hook.

In CineFix’s homemade clip, Basco reprises his role, not looking significantly different than the teenage version of himself, and again gets bested by Hook.

Since his turn in the Steven Spielberg-directed flick, Basco has gone on to lend his voice to several cartoon series and video games.