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CNN hosts try out ‘House of Cards’ impressions

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve either seen, heard of or read about Netflix’s show “House of Cards.”

In just the first weekend of its Valentine’s Day release, 2 percent of all Netflix subscribers watched all 13 episodes of the newest season.

It will come as no surprise that the show is not just beloved by the general public, but by the nation’s top politicians and journalists, as well. Even President Obama asked for “no spoilers” when the second season was released on Valentine’s Day.

CNN hosts Brooke Baldwin and Jake Tapper also admitted to being huge fans of the show, and Baldwin announced on live television that Tapper does a great Frank Underwood impression, the main character who is played by actor Kevin Spacey. In the show, Underwood frequently turns away to break the “fourth wall” to address the audience.

After a few faux protests, Tapper instantly turned his head to an alternate camera and delivered a brief stoic, drawling monologue, before snapping back to the center camera.

And then it was Baldwin’s turn.

Tapper wins this round.