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Squirrel frantically attempts to hide nut in fur of dog

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

In the case of the following video, this squirrel doesn’t appear to be blind, but it doesn’t look very smart — or at least it has very poor depth reception.

YouTube user Shannon Apple recorded a squirrel in her home trying to hide a nut inside the fur of a Bernese Mountain Dog.

The dog doesn’t seem to mind much, but the squirrel swings at the nut frantically, trying to keep it inside the fur of the canine’s hind leg.

Finally, the squirrel gives up and carries the nut off in it mouth, and even briefly tries to see if the carpet is deep enough to store it, before trying the dog once again.

If you’re wondering why the rodent is in the house in the first place, Shannon Apple has a whole series of videos with the squirrel and her pets on YouTube. Apparently, the squirrel is also a pet, which she calls Wally.