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Mom shakes groove thang in kitchen, unaware of camera

We’ve all been there: You’re just minding your own business in the kitchen, dancing to some music as you read recipes, when you turn around and a camera is staring right at you.

No, you haven’t?

Well, one mom has. She got her “kitchen dance party-of -one” plastered on the internet for everyone to enjoy. And she’s got some moves, too!

I don’t know how many times this could have potentially happened to me. I always think of the Patton Oswalt monologue where he says that if the government ever secretly taps his car, they will have a wealth of enjoyment for months to come.

I ramble. I make sounds. I even end up dancing and singing in places unintentionally.

So, Dancing Mom, I salute you, and I hope you continue dancing like no one is watching…even if we are.

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