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Budweiser scores a touchdown with ‘A Hero’s Welcome’

For me, the Super Bowl is all about the halftime show and commercials. And let’s be honest, this year’s game was a blowout anyway.

Although I wasn’t a fan of seeing so many of the commercials ahead of time, there were quite a few worth watching again.

What I’ve realized is that I’m a sucker for a heartwarming commercial, and Budweiser did not disappoint. My favorite was “A Hero’s Welcome” where Lt. Chuck Nade, a returning service member, gets the star treatment he deserves.

I was also a big fan of Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial. What’s not to love about puppies and Clydesdales?

Last year, Cheerios produced a memorable commercial about a little girl concerned about her daddy’s diet. It earned the wrath of Internet haters who were aghast that a cereal ad would feature a bi-racial family. Well, that family was back. This time dad tells his daughter “Gracie” that there’s a baby on the way, which she’s surprisingly OK with as long as the family can add a puppy too. It was super cute. Kudos to Cheerios!

The Radio Shack spot about the 80s wanting their stuff back was classic. Seeing people like Erik Estrada, Hulk Hogan and Mary Lou Retton was a definite childhood flashback.

The Oikos Greek yogurt commercial starring John Stamos and his former Full House co-stars Bob Saget and David Coulier had the perfect amount of seduction and comedy. Although some thought the pay-off was weak, I was just happy to see them all together again.

I was most excited to see Scottsdale resident Ryan Andersen’s Doritos commercial. Andersen created a spot called “Time Machine” which starred his six-year-old son and golden retriever. He won a $1 million prize as the winner of the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” ad competition and will also get the chance to work on the new Avengers movie.

What’s so funny about analyzing all of these Super Bowl commercials is that a new study found that 80 percent of Super Bowl ads fail to actually sell anything. For all of the hoopla and money spent, that’s probably true.

I honestly have no intention of buying a six pack of Bud, some Oikos Greek yogurt or a box of Cheerios. But hey, maybe I’ll grab a bag of Doritos!