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Have you seen this? Insane tank brake test

NETHERLANDS — My math and spacial recognition aren’t great, but I do know this: tanks are larger than people. Like, way, way bigger.

With that said, this video demonstrating the emergency brakes on a Leopard tank is insane. Simply put, there are a bunch of people standing facing away from a charging tank, which hits its brakes at the last second.

I’ve watched the video several times and it makes me cringe no matter what. Even though I know the outcome of the video I still think that maybe the demonstrators won't be so lucky this time. I’m always wrong, but I’m also always scared.

The demonstration is pretty cool, but it seems several things could have been used instead of actual living things, like humans, to get the point across. Regardless, it did make for a pretty cool 50 seconds.

Check out the video, but only if you have a strong ticker or if you’ve taken your heart medication today.