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Scarlett Johansson SodaStream ad banned from Super Bowl

A commercial for a home soda-making product that stars Scarlett Johansson has been banned from the Super Bowl, but maybe not for an easily assumable reason.

While my first thought immediately went to “too sexy,” I was wrong. Johansson does bring her looks in to the SodaStream ad, but they certainly aren’t ban-worthy.

So what happened? According to The Big Lead, the ad was banned because it directly targets two of the Super Bowl’s biggest sponsors: Coke and Pepsi.

While I think the ban is stupid, there’s a good chance that SodaStream wanted it to be removed from the ad lineup. After all, what creates more coverage in the media: An ad during a game where every company is trying to outdo the others that costs millions of dollars or a banned ad featuring one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood that you post to YouTube for free??

Seems like an easy choice to me. Cheaper too. The banned ad is below. Enjoy.