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Retirement home calendar recreates famous movie scenes

Move over, Hot Firefighters of 2014! There’s some new competition in the calendar business!

The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany has assembled the greatest calendar ever, featuring the Greatest Generation.

Some of the retirees participated in a photo shoot where they recreated some of their favorite Hollywood stars in some of their most iconic scenes, BuzzFeed reported.

The “youngest” movies represented were “Titanic,” followed by “Dirty Dancing,” but the rest were predominantly between the 1950s and the 1970s.

The oldest participant was 98-year-old Walter Loeser who donned a leather jacket, chaps and boots and straddled a motorcycle for his “Easy Rider” photo shoot.

Approximately 5,000 calendars were printed and given out to the center’s residents, their relatives and staff members.