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Series of Old Spice commercials offer ‘Interneterventions’ to men

I may be a lady, but I cannot get enough of Old Spice commercials and with its latest campaign, the company continues to one-up itself.

Isaiah “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Mustafa is back in a series of nine internet commercials that show up after users click on nine separate, fake pages for manly products.

What man wouldn’t click to purchase black leather bedsheets or a solid gold headset or cologne with real protein in it?

The ad I happened to click on was The Flattering Man, a website that promoted a “Push-Up Muscle Shirt” which “squeeze[s] your fat into muscles, instantly.”

Within a few seconds, an alarm sounded and I was transported to the pristine palatial home-slash-headquarters of Mustafa, who appeared as part of an “Internetervention,” which basically meant he chastised me while barefoot — and shirtless — all in the name of the company’s new body spray.

He can chastise me all he likes. Now, if you excuse me, I have eight other “Interneterventions” to click on.