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Is a ‘Full House’ reunion on the horizon?

A teaser for a Super Bowl commercial may hint that the crew (or at least part of it) from “Full House” are ready for a reunion.

The teaser video, posted on Dannon’s Oikos site, features spokesman John Stamos, who played Uncle Jessie, Bob Saget, known on the show as Danny Tanner, and Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey.

The teaser begins with Stamos shutting off the television having presumably watched the Super Bowl. Naturally, because it’s a commercial, he’s eating Dannon yogurt. He then turns to Saget and Coulier and asks if they’re ready to get their own place (the three shared a house on the 90s sitcom).

The teaser is apparently part of a larger advertising push by Dannon, which its named “Bromance.” There are several videos staring the trio that are posted on its website.

You know, I wouldn’t say no to a “Full House” reunion. After all, I grew up in the 90s and watched it all the time. But I’m pretty sure we can skip the Michelle and Kimmy characters. Never liked them any way.