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Pop star shows pros — and cons — of Photoshop in music video

There seems to be a huge surge in “anti-Photoshop” campaigns lately, from users all over the Internet posting “Before and After” photos and GIFs of celebrities and models who have been airbrushed and edited.

If used properly, Photoshop can be a great tool to highlight someone’s best features and yes, remove blemishes or even tattoos — who wouldn’t want to look his or her best in a wedding day photo, for example?

But when used to the extreme, Photoshop can be an instrumental tool in body shaming for both females and males, leading to “finished” results that don’t even look like the original model or actor.

But it’s not just photos that use the editing program, but television and movies, as well, not to mention music videos (Britney Spears, anyone?).

Boggie is a multilingual, Hungarian pop and jazz star who released a solo album last year, and while she appears in the video for her single “Nouveau Parfum,” it’s Photoshop that is the real star of the video for better…or worse.

By the time the video ends, Boggie doesn’t even look like Boggie anymore.


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