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2 dudes play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kiss’ with UCLA ladies

For kids, there’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

For geeks, “The Big Bang Theory” gave us “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.”

Now, two dudes have updated the game and made it for grown-ups: “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kiss.”

The game is played innocently enough and the ladies are asked permission beforehand.

Basically, one of the guys “bets” the girl a kiss — if he wins, she kisses him, but if he loses, she gets to smack a Frisbee full of whipped cream right in his face.

Most of the girls in the videos are good sports, despite being embarrassed. The guys are always gentlemen, and if the young lady is uncomfortable giving a peck on the cheek, the fella asks permission to kiss her instead.

In this game, everybody wins!