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Quit your job with the touch of an app

It may be cliched now, but there really is an app for everything.

Want to quit your job without the awkwardness of confronting your boss?

There’s an app for that!

The creators of the Breakup Text app have released the Quit Your Job app, which ultimately sends a hilarious “I Quit” message to anyone you have selected, BuzzFeed reported.

From a list of given options, simply select the reason why you’re quitting and the dream you are now going to pursue.

Who do you want to tell this great news to? Your boss? Significant other? Presto! Pre-constructed text message sent!

But the app doesn’t want to just help you quit your job, it wants to help you realize your dream one! After you submit your “so long, farewell” message, the app provides a link to a recruitment site to aid you in your new search.