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Senate ad jokingly suggests moving U.S. Capitol to Nebraska

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Should the U.S. Capitol be moved to Nebraska?
That’s what one Republican Senate hopeful jokingly says in a new campaign ad.

Ben Sasse, who has been the president at Midland University in Fremont, Neb., since 2010, is running for the being vacated by retiring GOP Sen. Mike Johanns.

“That’s it. The way to cure the incredible ineffectiveness and dysfunction of both parties in Washington? We move the Capitol to Nebraska and leave the lobbyists and influence peddlers behind. So Congress can experience family, conservative values and living within a budget,” Sasse says in a new campaign ad.

Sasse previously served as a Health and Human Services Department official in the Bush administration and is one of a handful of Tea Party candidates being backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund.

The ad made its debut during an NFL Wild Card game between the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs, and was scheduled to air during Monday’s BCS National Championship Game between Auburn and Florida State.

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