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Social media prank is funny, interesting, creepy

We’re all aware of the dangers of social media.

It’s talked about nearly every day on the news and everyone has a horror story about creepy people on Facebook. There’s even a few stories of someone getting robbed while on vacation because they had to let Twitter know how great Florida was.

But this prank really brings it all home.

Jack Vale is a pretty well-known prankster, but this one crosses the line into a social experiment. He uses various forms of social media to find posters nearby and learns about their lives. Then he walks up to them and starts listing it off, sometimes pretending to be a psychic.

It’s funny. It’s interesting. It’s creepy.

Most people laugh. One person threatens to call the police. But all that information is out there, at any given time, for anyone to see.

Excuse me. I need to go change some settings.