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New IKEA commercial starts off cute – then gets creepy

IKEA, the Swedish company known for its assemble-yourself, how-do-you-pronounce-this? furniture and accessories may have crossed the line from cute to creepy with a new ad campaign.

Entitled “One Room Paradise,” the 2 1/2-minute commercial shows a little girl playing with her dolls in a toy apartment building. As the girl continues playing, the camera then shifts to the dolls’ points-of-view…and that’s when things get weird.

According to the ad’s description, IKEA products are so varied that they can fit any person, any lifestyle, and any square footage:

‘One Room Paradise’…tells the story of single mother ‘Mandy’ and her son ‘Liam’ who live in a tiny, toy, high-rise flat. Following their everyday lives, we see how IKEA products make the most of their space and help them to enjoy life regardless of the size of their flat.

What do you think: Is this a neat idea or a nightmarish one?

IKEA – One Room Paradise from Finish on Vimeo.