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3-year-old becomes a hit singing national anthem

A young Kentucky girl has gained national attention for her singing, particularly for her version of the national anthem.

Angie and Jeff Rodgers of Liberty, Ky., first started sharing videos of their daughter, Grace, on Facebook.

“She loves my iPhone. So, we just sit there and take videos of her — of her singing — and post them on her Facebook and it just kinda took off,” Angie Rodgers told FOX 10.

The rendition of the anthem was uploaded to YouTube last week.

Grace reportedly started singing her words before she could speak them.

She has some factors working against her, which makes her videos all the more endearing. Grace was born with a form of dwarfism and suffers partial blindness.

She was invited to sing at an elementary school on Monday in Russle Springs, Ky, for Veterans Day.

“Grace has a grandfather and two great grandfathers who were veterans, and who’re no longer here. And I would guarantee, if her grandfathers could’ve heard it today, they would’ve been overjoyed,” said Rodgers.

“She just shows joy for life, through all she’s been through — through her little singing… she just has so much joy in it. It must makes me feel very proud to be her mama,” said Rodgers.