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Up close and purr-sonal: Cheetah licks camera

Talk about “taking a walk on the wild side”!

Since GoPro sold its first cameras in 2004, the cameras have filmed everything from barefoot waterskiing to ziplining to surfing.

Its CineForm 444 codec was even used in the 2008 Academy Award-winning film “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Now, the prosumer camera is not just human-approved, but wildcat-approved. And they must also taste delicious.

Matthew Copham, a guide from Safari Footprints in Botswana, set up his GoPro camera in the African wilderness to capture two cheetahs, one of which becomes curious enough with the device to mosey on over to check it out.

Maybe next time Copham can get it ON the cheetah – safely, of course. That would be one wild ride!