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Halloween prank scares passers-by…silly?

You’ve seen this prank before: A guy (or gal) dresses like he’s part of Halloween decorations, remains perfectly still and then jumps out to scare the nougat out of people walking by.

But I bet you’ve never seen one turn out quite like this.

Polish actor-director S.A. Wardega morphed into “Mr. Pumpkin,” wearing a creepy, carved pumpkin head, a jacket made to look like moss and fallen leaves…and gold spandex pants.

As unassuming passers-by stop to take photos of the arrangement of pumpkins, Wardega jumps up from a pile of leaves — and then shakes his groove thang.

Some citizens stop and laugh, whiles others still scream and run away, bringing up a very good question of which is actually scarier: A pumpkin man that pops out to scare you or a pumpkin man that pops out to scare you, and then dances?