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Troublemaking trio topple Jurassic-era rock formation

Tourists can be the worst — but very few of them may compare to these three out-of-state troublemakers visiting Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.

According to the National Park Service, “hoodoos,” also called “goblins,” are “tall skinny spires of rock that protrude from the bottom of arid basins and ‘broken’ lands.”

The hoodoos in Goblin Valley State Park date back to the Jurassic Period, meaning they are approximately 200 million years old, according to Deadspin.

In just a few pushes, tourist Glenn Taylor toppled one large hoodoo that park officials say would not have toppled until a few more million years, while his companions Dave Hall and Dylan Taylor laughed and filmed his endeavor.

A criminal investigation is now underway, after the trio posted the video to Facebook and bragged about it. Taylor insists that by toppling the rock prematurely, he was saving the life of someone who would have otherwise become crushed by the small boulder.

The three men could potentially get charged with up to a second-class felony, depending on the value of the rock formation.

What do you think of the antics of these three tourists?