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Arkansas restaurant links Obamacare to slavery

An Arkansas restaurant’s marquee created controversy after the sign linked Obamacare and slavery.

A viewer supplied 40/29 News with a photo of the sign before it was changed. It said “Obamacare America’s Punishment for Slavery Years.”

According to 40/29 News, the message was only posted for about 45 minutes before public complaints caused the owner to remove the sign.

“I apologize for the sign. It’s offending people, as it did. I didn’t intend for it to be racist-oriented at all,” said restaurant owner Johnny Howard.

After removing the sign, Howard backtracked and said that the sign was taken out of context and he has a problem with the Affordable Care Act, not President Barack Obama.

“It’s the policy and I made the mistake of wording it in the wrong fashion. The policy. It’s not the person it’s the policy,” Howard said.

Howard said Obamacare will force him to fire at least one employee to save money.