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‘Chinese Food’ makes Rebecca Black look like Adele

First off and foremost, I apologize for the video you’re about to watch.

Before you click the play button, a bit of background: This video is from the same person who was responsible for Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” that terrible teenybopper song that went viral a few years ago and even made it to the radio.

Fast forward to 2013 and Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food.”

It’s bad. Like, really bad. As one commenter put it, Alison Black “makes Rebecca Black look like Adele.” And they’re right.

The song is not good on any level. The lyrics are garbage, her voice is even worse and the panda looks like a bad acid trip.

Also, someone needs to teach Alison that there’s more to Chinese food than noodles and rice.

The sad thing? The video surpassed one million views in under a day.