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Lazy mail carrier caught on home security camera

Just how lazy is the mail carrier? This one you’ll have to see to believe.

In this case, a mailwoman drives up a resident’s lawn to deliver a package. Judging by the home’s security camera, this happened on Thursday around 2:45 p.m.

The mailwoman in question approaches the house in her truck at a snail’s pace and stops just in front of the door. She opens her door, unfastens her seat belt, takes about three small steps then just tosses the package on the porch.

Whatever happened to deliver with care?

When she leaves the house, she doesn’t even back all the way out and she ends up smashing even more of the lawn as she goes. It appears she also had driven over a hose that was lying out in the yard.

If there’s one person deserves a furlough — or worse — from the government during its shutdown, it’s this lady.