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Video producer comes up with most creative way to quit a job

One girl recently burned a lot of energy in telling her boss that she quits.

When Marina Shifrin went into work one day at 4:30 a.m., she turned on a camera and started recording herself busting moves to Kanye West music.

The Huffington Post says Shifrin worked at Next Media Animation in Taiwan, and her job was to produce news videos.

In her “I quit” video, which falls under two minutes in length, the 25-year-old producer says she had an “awesome job,” but that her boss only cared about the quantity of videos she put out and how many hits each got. She laments that she gave two years of her life and sacrificed relationships for the job.

In a Skype chat with The Huffington Post, Shifrin wrote that the Taiwanese work environment is very different from the American work environment. She got no lunch break and her boss was constantly changing her schedule and responsibilities. After her managers failed to help her, she decided to make the video.

(Warning: The song in the video contains some mildly vulgar language.)