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‘BatDad’ takes Vine, Gotham, Internet by storm

In case you’ve never heard of Vine, allow me to enlighten you: It’s an app that lets users take six-second videos and post them.

It’s very simple to use and has spawned some incredibly creative videos, a lot of which feature elements of pop culture. But “BatDad” may be in a world of its own.

In the clips, an Atlanta dad dons a Batman mask and mimics Christian Bale’s voice in the “Dark Knight” series. He uses it while speaking to his kids and his wife.

For such a ridiculous premise, BatDad has hit Internet gold. His Vines have gone viral over and over and there’s no sign the Dark Knight of Dadhood is slowing down.

Watch out, Ben Affleck. This guy may give you a run for your money.

The video below is a compilation of a bunch of clips posted to Vine.