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Dog alerts parents to babysitter’s abuse

Now THAT’S a good dog.

According to ABC News, an investigation was launched into a babysitter after a dog became aggressive around her.

It all started when the parents of a 7-month-old child hired Alexis Khan to babysit.

“We noticed the dog was getting very defensive when Alexis was around. He would growl and stand between her and our son. His hair would stand up on the back of his neck and we knew something was up,” Benjamin Jordan said.

The dog, Killian, was generally very good-natured. The Jordans became suspicious of Khan and hid an iPhone under the couch to investigate.

On the recording, Khan can be heard telling the infant to “shut the f*** up” and calling him expletives. The baby is heard crying, and noises that sound like slapping and shaking can be heard.

“We just could not believe it,” said Jordan who immediately took the baby to the hospital to be checked out.

Khan later admitted to the abuse. She was sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison and is banned from working with children.

The child was fine.