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Dad dons short shorts to teach daughter a lesson

Those shorts aren’t very becoming and that was the point.

According to, Utah dad Scott Mackintosh decided to don short shorts after becoming fed up with his daughter’s attire.

“As I walked out to the car I could see my daughter and her brother in the backseat with their heads down focused on their phones,” Mackintosh said. “Needless to say they didn’t even notice.”

Makintosh wore the shorts for an entire night out with the family. However, his daughter drew the line when they stopped for ice cream. She refused to get out of the car.

“As I pulled into a stall, my daughter said, ‘Uh, no! We are not going in!’ I said ‘Sure we are, let’s go!’ ‘Let’s go through the drive up,’ she said. We went in, but she stayed in the car,” Mackintosh said of the experience.

Makintosh is unsure if his lesson sunk in, but he was able to get his teen to react, which is impressive in itself.