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Two men video bomb Fox Sports, ‘Today’

I’m pretty sure they’re staring into my soul.

This video bomb started like most that we see in newscasts: People who simply take advantage of being in the background to make a funny face, dance or whatever it is people do when they sneak on camera.

But then these two guys took it to the next level. Affectionately termed Beardo and Dreads by Deadspin, these guys freeze and stare into the camera. Their unblinking gaze only gets funnier the longer they’re on camera.

They were first captured behind Erin Andrews on a Fox Sports broadcast. Most thought it was a one-time deal, until Beardo and Dreads showed up in the background of the “Today” show.

Well done, Beardo and Dreads. It takes a lot to pull of a good video bomb and, in your case, less is more.

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