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Radio station finds panhandler claiming to be veteran

A local station from Michigan investigated whether local pandhandlers were actually lying, and as it turns out, some of them are.

WGRD ran with a story from the local ABC news afiliate that revealed some local panhandlers really are struggling, while some lie to get some extra pennies.

Such was the case of Rudy, a homeless man who claims he’s a veteran, but who uses the money he collects to buy alcohol.

The “Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show” sent out one of their producers to follow Rudy around and see what he would do when Joe, the producer, took over his spot.

Joe met Rudy at his usual spot but instead of saying anything to him, he held up a sign with the words “Liar” pointing at Rudy. Rudy then took off on his mountain bike which was parked not too far from his pandhandling spot.

The crew of WGRD decided that Joe should continue to “panhandle”, but for a good cause — the money would go to Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Watch the origional report by the local ABC news station: