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Tempe No. 5 US city for ‘bros’

Tempe is not only the home of America’s largest university, but one of the biggest ‘bro’ populations in the country, at least according to one source., a real estate website, recently released a list on its blog titled “The 18 Best U.S. Cities for Bros”, ranking Tempe fifth.

A ‘bro’, as qualified by Estately, is one who is “seemingly stuck in an awkward and extended puberty,” as told by their “shaved chests, perpetual posturing, and false bravado.” According to Estately, such an individual is most typically a white male aged 16-25, often populating a college fraternity or lacrosse team.

Estately calls Tempe a “bro paradise,” noting that it’s home of the Princeton Review’s No. 17 party school, Arizona State University.

“Bros enjoy hobbies like beer pong, tanning, flexing in photos, and popping the collar on their Polo shirt,” the Estately blog explains. Such activities likely sound all too familiar to Tempe residents, who can catch a full-on bro exhibit with a stroll down the city’s main drag, Mill Avenue, on any night of the week.

Rounding out the top five on the list were Boulder (4), Gainesville (3), Columbus (2) and Los Angeles, which took the top spot.