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Company stops retouching models, calls for others to do same

An English company is taking a stand against retouched images that are incredibly common in today’s advertising.

According to the Daily Mail, Debenhams, a department store, will only airbrush two things going forward: pigmentation and stray hair.

‘We want other retailers to follow suit and encourage positive body-image through minimal retouching rather than bombarding them with unattainable body images,’ said a spokesperson.

In addition to encouraging more realistic body expectations, Debenhams also said that millions are spent retouching photos and the company can now save money.

Debenhams has a history of encouraging a positive body image, as the company has run with size 16 mannequins and using disabled models.

A lot of people in the industry have voiced support for Debenhams.

‘Airbrushing and other trickery are not necessary in order for women to look beautiful,’ says lingerie designer, Aliza Reger.

‘Hopefully this act will demonstrate that products such as lingerie modelled by real women who have not been retouched can sell just as well as products advertised with extensive airbrushing, which has become the norm.