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Kids are getting tickets for riding their bikes in Ohio

According to The Huffington Post, police officers in Ohio are on task to rid the city of Brimfield from street crime this summer.

The Brimfield Police Department posted its new policy on their Facebook page:

“Effective next week, my officers will have a quota for tickets….at least one per shift. We are going to be profiling, too. We will target a specific group, with the express purpose of writing as many tickets as possible. I am strongly encouraging my officers to write as many as they can, every shift, every day…it is called operation Safe Summer…”

The culprits? Kids.

In what may be the first case of age-profiling in the U.S. targeting children, the BPD says it will spot, detain and hand out as many tickets as possible to kids wearing helmets.

But parents in Ohio, do not fear — your wallets are safe! Kids can “cash” the ticket in exchange for one free ice cream cone from Franks Drive-in.

FOX 8 Cleveland reports: