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Restaurant manager posts racial slurs about customer

A Hockessin, Del., restaurant manager posted racist comments concerning a poor tipper on a social networking site.

According to Delaware Online, Aaron Kwan, manager of Padi restaurant, displayed a customer receipt that included a $53.80 bill and a $5.20 tip. Vulgar comments were displayed alongside the less than 10 percent tip on Kwan’s Instagram account, fumanchu85.

Fumanchu85 wrote: What do you expect from a last name like that?
Then wrote a derogatory term followed by #cheap #jew

The post was removed from the site after The News Journal interviewed Kwan. He explained that he did not remember writing anything at all.

After being read the comments, Kwan said, “Um, I don’t recall that. I have to look through that. I mean, I have the right to take all of this down. It’s not me, probably. I don’t have a computer right now.”