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‘Glee’ school-shooting episode stirs controversy

“Glee’s” school-shooting episode titled “Shooting Star” has split the public perspective into two conflicting viewpoints after airing Thursday.

According to NBC News, the subject has social media users entangled in a frenzied debate over whether or not this episode attempted to enlighten or desensitize the Newtown, Conn., shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school less than four months ago.

Joanne Tardio Engel said on Facebook that “Glee” demonstrated the reason why this topic must continue to be addressed instead of forgotten.

“The show did a great job on showing millions of viewers why they cannot forget what has happened over this past year in the so many (places) where the victims thought they were safe,” noted Engel. “We need to keep this subject forefront in our minds so that something is done to prevent them from happening over and over again.”

Others strongly disagreed, feeling the episode took advantage of a tragedy hoping for higher ratings. Entertainment Weekly explained that “Glee” received a 20 percent boost in adult viewership from ages 18 to 49. One Facebook post referred to this situation as reprehensible.

“They should be ashamed,” wrote Wendy Luxenburg, who criticized the show as “poorly written, completely manipulative and exploitative with a cop-out ending.”

Prior its airing, Newtown superintendent of schools, Janet Robinson, sent a letter informing the community of the potentially distressing nature of the show’s impending episode, according to NBC News.

The Huffington Post added that a Newtown victims advocacy group emailed fans with concern to watching the Fox program with caution or avoiding the episode altogether.

In any case, “Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy had nothing but praise for the show after tweeting about the episode on April 3.

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