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Puppy’s rare condition goes viral on Facebook

A rescued puppy’s unique condition has gone viral with thousands of Internet supporters.

According to NBC News, the 9-week-old Lentil was born with a number of rare conditions including a cleft palate as well as a deformed lip and nose. The French bulldog’s Facebook page has received more than 48,000 likes.

When Streets Tails Animal Rescue founder Lindsay Condefer, 34, adopted the French bulldog and decided to create a Facebook page to post his progress, she had no idea Lentil’s story would surge this much attention as the lone survivor in his litter.

“I have received more support than I can ever in my mind imagine possible. I don’t know how it happened,” Condefer said.

Dr. John Lewis, assistant professor of dentistry and oral surgery at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, explained that Lentil’s condition might require multiple surgeries to lower his risk of inflammation in the nose and lungs. Lentil currently is being fed every three hours using a tube.