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Go Daddy a big company with start-up mentality

When some companies get big enough, the become stagnant, merely holding on to customers and not pushing to grow.

Go Daddy is not one of those companies.

The Valley-based web hosting company is constantly looking to grow and that is something that lets them compete with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving told Geek Wire that the company is “hell-bent on changing the world” and that is bringing them some of the top talent available.

“Engineers can go to one of the companies you described, and they can work on a portion of a product that’s maybe an extension to a product line,” Irving said. “GoDaddy, while it’s a company that has been established for quite a while, it’s really like a startup. It is well funded … but it is still pretty darned nascent in terms of the value proposition we offer.”

Irving said that the privately-owned company has numbers that could lead it to be publicly traded.