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Beauty meets Geek in Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercial

In its latest Super Bowl commercial set to air Sunday, wanted to show off its sexy side and smart side.

And what better way to do that then with a 20-second makeout session featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli and tech genius Walter.

Actor Jesse Heiman, 34, was the lucky guy who had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to makeout with Refaeli. He told KTAR that he felt like the “champion of men” or an Oscar winner after the commercial’s completion.

“It was completely real, tongue and cheeks and lips,” Heiman said. “I think (Refaeli) is amazing. I think she is a very talented, smart and sexy career woman.”

While Super Bowl viewers will only see the commercial once on Sunday, Heiman’s lip-locking moment with Refaeli lasted far longer than 30 seconds.

“We did over 60 takes, it was a lot of takes,” said Heiman. “I lost count. It was just a great experience. I remember each kiss like it was the first kiss.

“I would say the kiss takes up about 15 to 18 seconds, almost 20 seconds. It did feel like it went on forever. It was like kissing paradise.”