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Who’s offended when you refer to it as a Christmas tree?

You don’t have a right in this country to not be offended.

There’s going to be a tree lighting ceremony at the Rhode Island Statehouse after all.

It probably won’t be called a Christmas tree though.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Lincoln Chafee said Tuesday she erred when she told The Associated Press and other news outlets Monday there wouldn’t be a tree lighting ceremony this season.

Chafee said the term “holiday tree” was meant to honor Rhode Islands origin as a sanctuary of religious tolerance.

Is the idea we have to argue over what to call the tree ridiculous?

Who are the people who are offended when you refer to a pine tree with tinsel, blinky lights and an angel on top as a Christmas tree?

If you’re offended by it come on down to Bruce’s office and he’ll happily have a chat with you about it!