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Pinterest: What inspires you?

Pinterest is a unique site that draws in thousands of people every day, each person with their own sense of style, taste, and creativity. It’s become a mecca for those seeking inspiration, whether it’s food, art, fashion, or design ideas. From the simplest of ideas to the most detailed imaginings, Pinterest has everything you need to get inspired and get involved.

A World of Inspiration All in One Place
The beauty of Pinterest’s format is that everyone can share ideas; you never know just what you’ll see each time you visit. If fashion fuels your passion, chances are it’s already making a statement on the site. Or, if art is more your style, you are guaranteed to find everything from alphabet photography to abstract images, all conveniently pinned by those with a similar interest in the subject. In fact, there’s so much on the site that it can be too easy to just get lost ‘browsing’, but that’s not completely a bad thing.

Knowing what inspires you helps you find the right pins on Pinterest that will enable you to express yourself and connect with the world a little more deeply. See something that really catches your eye? Clicking on the pin and delving deeper can result in learning some amazing things, or even just lead you on to discover things you never knew existed.

Share Your View of the World
If you already have a passion, Pinterest can fuel it as well as let you share it with the world. See things a little differently than everyone else? The site is the perfect place to show just how you see the world through the images you choose. One of the more popular categories on the site is especially great for showcasing alphabet photography, or photos of everyday items in the world that can be used to spell out a message or even just a single letter. The unique aspects of pieces of architecture or nature that evolve into actual letters are mesmerizing, and it’s easy to see why these images are so frequently pinned.

Pinterest also has many great images that are less ‘abstract’ and more literal, but everybody sees something different in each picture. Sometimes, it’s the simple, mundane things posted on the site that inspire you the most; a picture of a windswept beach, or an image of a happy couple. You can just imagine the story behind the photo, or you can dig a little deeper and get the facts.

Many images on Pinterest are designed to get you to try a little DIY; recipes are an obvious example of this, but there are also lots of crafts and fun activities that turn up on the site, encouraging you to let loose your own inner artist. Grab a camera and see what images you can snap. You may be inspired to do your own alphabet photography and spell out your name or a message. The results may just surprise you, since there’s often more of a message in a picture than you realize.

Pinterest is a great place for both getting and sharing ideas, but it’s actually a lot more than that. It’s a place where inspiration can be found in the most ordinary of things, and shared with the world in an instant.