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Small Updates With Major Impact – Create a Cozy Atmosphere at Home to Enjoy All Winter Long

Winter is upon us and it’s time to store the summer and fall decor and switch it up with some warm, cozy winter touches. Bring out all those warm throw blankets and fireplace-ready accessories. Creating the perfect winter atmosphere doesn’t have to be daunting or cost much. Here are some fun tips to winterize your home, making it comfortable and enjoyable.

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere at Home

Keep the Heat In: If you’re shivering in your warm socks around your home because your windows let in the cold from outside, it might be time to update your blinds. Update the old blinds with The Shade Store’s wooden blinds and opt for a set of nice, wood blinds. Not only will they look warm and inviting to your guests, they will also help keep the heat inside and the cold outside.

Decorate Your Fireplace: Time to bring in the wood logs and bust out the hot cocoa! There’s nothing like the sound of a crackling fire, not to mention the amazing aroma that fills your home. One of the best parts of winter is making a fire and watching the amber glow as it burns. Decorate the surrounding space with family pictures, cozy blankets and some winter garland and candles surrounding the mantle. If you have a brick fireplace and you’re looking for a change, get some paint and transform that boring red brick sight; try some hues of whites and greys, or any color that blends with your existing décor. Don’t forget about the fireplace screen. If you’re sick of the boring black mesh screen, opt for a facelift. You can easily transform it into a new work of art by using some spray paint. Try using sea foam green or shabby-chic white.

Change Out the Throws for the Season: One of the simplest and cost-friendly option is to swap out your throw blankets and pillows. You can find a variety of pillows and blankets at discount stores that are at least half-off a department store’s price. This subtle change will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your place and will get you in the spirit. For winter, look for burlap pillows or light colored fabrics adorned with Christmas sayings, reindeer, snowmen or elegant snowflakes. You can even opt to make your own pillows: Just take some burlap fabric, sew it into the size you want and print out your saying or design. Cut out your template and paint the stencil on the pillow. Allow to dry then place a pillow insert inside. Voila! A special DIY touch for the holiday season.

Illuminate Your Home With Candles: There’s something about the glow and look of a burning candle that makes a home feel warm, inviting and cozy. You can generally find great deals on candles around the holidays so don’t be afraid to grab a few. Select candles that smell like wintertime: Evergreen, cookies, candy canes and gingerbread are all great holiday options.